Review: Sculpt @ Corepower


If you don’t care to read in detail about my experience, simply scroll to the bottom for a brief review.

I have been going to Corepower Yoga for about 2 months now, ever since I got hooked on the Sweat Therapy of Hot Power Fusion (review to come). I had read many people’s success stories and shouts of praise about Sculpt but I was nervous to give it a try. It made me even more afraid when I heard people tell me how hard and horrible it was.

But, I was determined to get to a place where I felt that I could physically and mentally take on the challenge. And today I took on that challenge.

Tonight at 7p.m. I dragged my dear friend, who is equally passionate about trying new workouts, with me into the heated room of room. We grabbed our weights and took a seat.

Looking around, I noticed the determined and strong people around me. There were men and women of all body types spread out on their mats. Unlike some of the other yoga classes I had taken at Corepower, the room wasn’t filled with petite young women who looked as if they have never had to work hard for their figure ( yea that is a hasty generalization but it is how I feel).

The heated class started with a series of stretches to warm up. We began in child’s pose and eventually moved up to mountain pose. After warming up I soon found myself holding my light weights (3lbs for me) as we flowed through a warrior series (similar to that of HPF).

Soon we knelt on the mat and did more arm work with our heavy weights (5lb for me). I was breathing heavy by this time and had already wiped the sweat from my face multiple times.

Next, we dropped our weights and did some chaturanga pushup combinations. We then stood up and began simple squats….but there is nothing simple about squats when it is over 90 degrees. We even added weights into our squat session.

Cardio came not long after where we did a series of cardio drills such as high knees and football runs. That was killer.

We picked the weights back up and did a series of flows before moving to the floor from some killer core blasting moves…and more weights, yay!

The class ended with deep breathing, stretching, and resting in Vinyasa.

While the class was difficult none of the moves were things I physically could not do.  Improving my strength and endurance will come with time with Sculpt.

I loved how the workout challenged me. Throughout the class motived words that gave you purpose and strength were shouted out. Overall, I felt that the class pushed me mentally and physically but I left feeling stronger and proud I had overcome my dreaded fear of trying Sculpt at Corepower.

The Dish:

Difficulty:  8  out of 10 (10 being the most difficult).

Sweat Level: 10 out of 10 ( you will be DRIPPING)

Fun: 7 out of 10

Duration: 60 min.

What to Wear/Bring: Tight yoga pants, sports bra, workout tops are optional but I prefer to wear a fitted tank from Lulu lemon. Remember that what you were is going to be soaked through by the end of class. Bring a water, towel, and a mat ( you can also rent both a towel and a mat there if needed).

Equipment: Matt, set of light weights (3lbs) and heavy weights (5lbs)

Estimated Calorie Burn: 500 (based off of other things I have read and researched)

Best For: Anyone who wants to add strength training into their workout but wants something more than simply lifting at the gym. If you need motivation but don’t like being yelled at and forced to do something, this is your place ~ positive vibes only. Also, you need to be okay with working out in the heat (I suggest getting used to hot yoga first before trying this).

Would I do it again?: Uhm, is that even a question? I am going again this weekend. #Hooked



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