How to Manage Your Guilty Pleasures

We all have them, you can’t deny that. Some people are just better than others at managing them.

The truth is, being able to manage your guilty pleasures can make or break your health goals.

One of my main guilty pleasures is nachos and I know my freshmen year of college I definitely gained a lb. or six thanks to late night fast food nachos, ick. But the thing is, I wasn’t about to stop enjoying life just to save a few lbs…and I still feel like that but…there has to be balance (or 5 gained lbs becomes 50)!

Over the past few years I have become much better at managing my guilty pleasures (for the most part) and it has made a difference. So if you are like most of us and managing guilty pleasures is hard for you, here are some suggestions on how to make it easier.

  • Know what your guilty pleasures are. If you know what foods are hardest to resist it makes it easier to acknowledge it manage it. For example, I know that one of my main guilty pleasures is nachos so I try to keep supplies for such a snack out of the house (most of the time).
  • Allow it, sometimes. Completing eliminating your guilty pleasures won’t solve anything because eventually you will break and when you do you will consume way more than necessary. It depends what your guilty pleasure is on how often you want to allow it but I suggest anywhere from once a week to once a month. For my nachos I allow myself to have a small batch once a week.
  • Moderation when you do consume it. – When you do allow yourself to consume your guilty pleasure don’t go overboard on your serving. Just a taste of your favorite ice cream or snack can sometimes be enough to stop the craving. For example, last weekend my friend and I were craving Pizookies (pizza cookies with ice cream on top). We got them and they were so good but I realized after a few bites I was satisfied and didn’t need to eat it all. Sure some went to waste but I felt content not guilty afterward.
  • Modify it. – Chances are your guilty pleasure can be modified to be healthier. For my nachos I try to make my own rather than order them at restaurants, those tend to be greasy and way bigger than necessary. If you are a pasta fanatic sub spaghetti squash for your regular noodles. If you love your ice latte’s, order a size smaller with almond milk or nonfat milk. There are so many modifications out there you just have to try.
  • Try new things. – This one is simple. You may end up finding something that is healthier and taste better, you never know!

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