Eat well, feel better

You know those days where you just feel gross? Me too. They are the worst.

But you know what days are the best? The days where you feel healthy, strong, and happy. When you feel like you are working towards being your best self you can’t help but be happy, even on your worst day.

Today I had one of those eat well, feel better days. I have been in a great mood all day despite the fact that today was busy and stressful. The trick to having these days starts right when you wake up. (FitTip: Have everything planned for the next day as far as food, drinks, and fitness go before you go to bed).

If you start your day on the wrong foot, like not having breakfast, your chance of eating well and feeling great the rest of the day is not as good.  My personal go to for breakfast is either a Premier Protein shake, a slice of gluten free bread with a tbsp. of peanut butter, or a 2 egg scramble.

Here is a look at my day today:

7:30am Breakfast: Premier protein shake and coffee ( I like to drink 1/2 in my coffee and the other half in class)

10:45 Pre workout snack: 1 slice of gf bread with an over easy egg, 1/3 avocado, and a pinch of garlic salt on top.

12:00 Workout: Spin class (I went to Zynn22)

1:30 Lunch: My favorite smoothie: 1/3 cup frozen unsweetened berries, 1/3 avocado,  1/3 cup coconut water, 1/2 a small banana, 1/2 cup spinach, 2 tsp. chia seeds, and 2 tsp. hemp seeds.

5:00 Dinner (really early because I had a class): 3 oz grilled salmon, 1/3 cup balsamic Brussel sprouts, spinach and cucumber salad with lemon juice and olive oil.

9:00 Snack: simple grain oatmeal (160 cals) with a sprinkle of almond butter, cinnamon, apple slices and raspberries on top.

And now, off to bed.



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