Confessions of a water bottle fanatic.

Ask anyone that knows me, I am obsessed with water bottles.

There is just something fun about getting a new water bottle, whether it be your favorite color, have your favorite team’s logo on it, or maybe your favorite saying. Water bottles tell a story (to me at least). But the thing is, no matter how cute the design is, it’s undeniable that some water bottles are simply better than others.

I have tried them all – or at least it seems that way.

Long, long ago I went to an obsession with Nalgene’s. These were great for long days spent at dance or going on a long hike with the family. But it always drove me crazy how long it look to unscrew them…and they leaked, ugh!

My next obsession was with none other than the Camelbak (FitTIp: check out their hydration calculator on their homepage!). Now, these were great…until it came to washing them. My  straws would bend, my “nipples” ( what we called the mouth pieces in high school) would rip, and they would get moldy because they were so hard to wash. Yes, I know you could buy those water bottle washing kits but let’s be real is that really what you want to spend your money on? No.

That’s why I switched to Tervis. How can you not love Tervis with all the fun designs and shapes you can buy them in. You could always find the perfect size and were great for hot or cold liquid. They were also easy to wash and you could buy different types of lids depending on what was best for you. They seemed like the best thing yet!

And they were..until I tried S’well. S’well bottles will keep liquid cold for 24 hours or hot for 12. And believe me, they really do. I find that I drink way more water thanks to these bottles. Not only are S’well bottles styles and fun but they give back too (see their website for details). The bottles are also easy to clean and hold. I have no complaints.

So what is the moral of the story? Hydration is important. And I personally think that finding something that helps you stay hydrated is almost as important. So don’t feel guilty  if you try out new water bottles until you find the perfect bottle for you.

My recommendation is going to have to be S’well.


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