Can you workout 2 times a day?

Yes… and no. 

Let me explain. First and foremost it is important that you don’t overuse any muscle group. What I mean by this is if you do an hour leg workout in the a.m. don’t add a second leg workout in the p.m.  But it isn’t always as simple as that. If you did cardio in the morning you don’t need another cardio workout. Basically, you must make sure your workouts balance eachother.

The simplest way to think about balancing your workouts is thinking in terms of cardio vs. strength.  If you go for a run in the morning then by all means, go lift some weights and do abs later in the day. However, if you’re like me your workouts of choice are simply “strength vs. cardio.” I prefer to break my workouts into endurance, strength. flexibility. Now it can get complicated as some workouts are both. For example, while boxing is great endurance workout there is also a lot of strengthening going on. So in these cases, use common sense when balancing your workouts.

I love to workout two times a day (when I am blessed with the time) and with trial and error I have found combos that work great. I love to take a boxing class or spin class in the morning and then take a yoga or barre class in the evening. These combos compliment each other really well.I get my cardio and strength in but I also get my flexibility in.

Balance of your workouts is not the only thing you must keep in mind when doing double workouts. You must also remember nutrition and hydration. If you are doing two workouts make sure you consume enough nutrients ( protein and carbohydrates especially). My rule of thumb is if I add a workout I add a healthy snack. And of course, drink LOTS of water!! If you find it hard to drink a lot of extra water then add coconut water or other hydrating things into your daily routine.

Lastly, if you are doing a double workout make sure you are getting enough sleep. No extra workout is worth it if you are getting only four or five hours of sleep.

So to sum it up, you can workout two times a day if:

  1. Workouts are balanced
  2. You consume enough nutrients/calories
  3. You stay hydrated.
  4. You are rested


Feel free to send me more question you have. Remember,  I am not a dietcian. I am simply a nutrition minor who loves learning about healthy living and living out what I learn. – Grace



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